Saturday, March 3, 2007

Best Served Cold

March 30th. Mark that day. Hopefully the day that Belak proves his worth and knocks Cam "I'm a pussy" Janssen's head clean off his shoulders. Either that or puts some of his chicklets down the back of his throat.
Now I work midnights, long, arduous midnights. Many a night, the only thing that keeps me sane (and / or awake) is AM980's live broadcast of the Leaf game. Last night was no different. This time, on my way to Windsor I was getting a little, lets say, worked up listening to the radio. First a late hit on Sundin, then a BS penalty call leading to a Joisey PP goal. Then the kicker, Kaberle goes down hard from a hit that makes the Drury check look almost comforting. Then the radio cuts out, connection lost, no more signal for 5 hours. I am left hanging, and furious.

Well it's over, for now (for 28 days anyway). Not much else to say because I am getting myself worked up over this (again) and I need to sleep.

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