Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fancy Meeting You Here

Hello again Mr. Habs. It's been a while since we last met.
How are you? Really? Catching up on the Sens? Making them your bitches? Yeah thats fun isn't it.
Us? Oh, well, you know, we've been better. Kind of hit rock bottom lately, and to top it all off I found out we're allergic to cats. Oh don't worry about us, we still have some juice left in the tank for tonight. Yeah, I know we haven't gotten along well in the past, I mean last time you took out one of our (best?) defensemen, thanks for that. But we've been working out, trimmed some fat, saw a doc and got a certain medical condition cleared up. You know, I do enjoy talking to you, you might not be that bad a guy after all. But were still going to have to take you out, can't have rivals beating us. Sure it's ok for the Panthers or Blues to beat us, but thing is, we need to loose, we need to be at rock bottom at the end of this year. That whole whatever doesn't kill us will make us stronger. You're going down tonight chief.

And good luck knocking those Sens down a peg.

1 comment:

Loser Domi said...

"allergic to cats"

It was that damn "Cat I'm a Kitty cat" video, wasn't it, jared? Dammit! Now it's stuck in my head again