Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

Many of you out there are real Debbie Downers you know? Seriously, why you gotta hate? Why you gotta play the negative vibe? I hear y'all sayen' those things, I see y'all puttin' on a front.
I don't know why you can't see the possibilities I see, you cant see the wonder that awaits us in the future. For I have seen the future, and its name is Justin Pogge.

Y'all be sayen Pogge ain't the future, y'all be sayen he aint no solution for our twin tendin' needs. Y'all be strainght up trippen.
Pogge is straight up ballin'. Sure he don't have all the bling of some of them other pretenders. Sure he has had some hard up luck in his play so far. But Homie hasn't exactly had a crew to back him up.
Jigga got the skillz to thrill ya, he just needs to get into the game on a full up basis. With the right crew to back him up, Y'all will see, Y'all will know the error of your ways.
Y'all will bask in the glow that be Pogge.

I am so white.


Johnny G said...

Straight from the EOA part of town?

eyebleaf said...

I am so white.

Best end to a post. Ever.

I hope you're right bro. I will ratchet down the Pogge bashing. He's still a youth-dem, and has much to learn. He is the future. I believe...

wrap around curl said...

I love it.