Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Stooges Syndrome

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posting round these parts as of late, especially at a time like this, with much going on in the hockey world, one would expect a blogger to have much to discuss and / or rant upon on a daily basis.
My issue hasn't so much been a lack of material, but rather, a lack of any feasible way to channel it into a coherent blog post.
See, the problem has been that I am way too excited about this up coming season. I have literally had dreams of the Leafs playing these past few weeks, ever since we all got our first preseason look at the new improved Burkian Buds.
So I thought what the hell, why don't I let the viewing public gather an inside view of just what I'm dealing with here.

And so I give you a condensed transcript of my thoughts about the Leafs from the first preseason game up until today.

HOLY SHIT, these kids can play, I am so excited that fucker Stalberg is so fast but that Bozak kid has got some sick moves oh my got LOOK HOW FAST fucking excited dear god Kadri is going to be good FIGHT fuck yah! Look at that, you fuckin knew truculence was coming you fucks holy shit FAST skill WHAT A GOAL when the hell will we get a decent look at the monster, holy shit heart surgury? FUCK, wait well thats not so bad god I cant wait to see him suit up FUCK YEAH Stalberg playing 3 games in 3 nights shit that guy is fast, fuckin Rosehill likes to chuck nucks! I hate the goddamned Flyers carcillo you chicken shit, Orr is my new hero, EXCITED Hell yeah Luke Schenn is still amazing FUCKING KADRI, holy mother of god TRUCULENCE Lee Stempniak who the fuck is that? FUCK YEAH MAPLE LEAFS wowowoowowow YARD SALE Hagman was an amazing pick up. FUCK ARE YOU KIDDING ME? PHIL KESSEL HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!1

and that about sums it up.

Thank you, I'll be here all week


eyebleaf said...

Best. Transcript. Ever.

I especially loved the ending.

general borschevsky said...

I'd like to see the transcript from your thoughts on last night's game.

JM (leaf fan stuck in ottawa) said...

Epic stuff dude. Really.

kidkawartha said...

I'm going to write a movie script that replaces John Malkovich with Jared.
"Being Jared of London", or, "If you can't stand the brain-heat, get out of the ring".
It's going to be a block-buster.

Anonymous said...

So hey, how's that epic season panning out so far?