Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ending On A Low Note

Tonight, said favourite team close out what has been a crap-tacular season against Les Canadiens. I know exactly what I want to see on the ice tonight. I want to see one hell of a shit kicking. I want to see a blow-out, a shut out and catastrophic fallout after the game.

I want the Habs to kill the Leafs tonight.

Hold on, pick your faces off the floor, I have a logical train of thought here. Winning will do nothing but give the hollowest of hollow victories to Team Foliage. A loss on the other hand will make a clean sweep in the off season seem all the more urgent. An absolute incineration even more so.

So play Raycroft, sit the injured and the useless, it's not like it could get any worse for anyone who is already going to loose their job.

Lets get project pooper-scooper off to a good start. Create an atmosphere of 'Oh shit!' in the MLSE (as much a one as can be possible anyway). Give the GM and new coach coming in a reason to make drastic, crazy and ground-breaking changes.

It has to get worse before it gets better. I'm looking at tonight like tearing off a band aid. It's probably going to hurt, but do you really want that stinky, festering old band-aid interfering with the healing that needs to occur.

I also came up with a new nickname for Raycroft. Stinky, festering old band-aid. Catchy ain't it?

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Loser Domi said...

"project pooper-scooper"--thanks! I needed to keep in mind a great name for a future fantasy team. Thanks!