Saturday, April 19, 2008

Straight Eye For The Rayzor Guy

Both Rayzor Emery and Andrew Rayzorcroft had, well lets say, sub-par seasons. Both are dealing with potential buy outs, unless of course their respective teams can deal them away for more than a bag of pucks and a thimble (you never know when you'll need a thimble).
But who is more attractive to the market? Who is most likely to find a new home?

Round One: Magic Numbers - Stats.
Ray Emery
Games Played: 31
Save%: .890

Andrew Raycroft
Games Played:19
GAA: 3.92
Save%: .876

Edge - Emery by the numbers. But Raycroft's numbers are slightly inflated due to the small amount of games played and the horrific defense in front of him. Emery's also may have suffered from inconsistant playing time from the infamous 'win and your in' policy.

Round Two: Show Me The Money - Contract.
Ray Emery
$3,166,667 for two more years.

Andrew Raycroft
$2,000,000 for one more year.

Edge - Raycroft. Less money, less years, less commitment.

Round Three: Children Of The Damned - Character.
Ray Emery.
Extrovert. Flashy suits. Tatooed. Bling. Rap star persona. Bad boy for life.
Ray has developed a reputation as being selfish and arrogant, or at the very least not punctual. The media in Ottawa had a field day this year catagorizing his foibles for the world to scoff at.
It is also to note that the year before, when he was winning and the Sens went on a Stanley Cup finals run, he was just considered to have been somewhat of a character in an innocent 'He so crazy' type of way.
Ray has also proven in his past that he loves to compete, and he wont shy away from much, be it a microphone or Andrew Peters.

Andrew Raycroft.
Introvert. Eternal Opptomist. All smiles. Permenant five O'Clock shadow. Hometown boy.
Andrew is the flip side to Ray's coin of misfortune. He doesn't seem to stir up the pot, all his interviews sound like he is just trying to say the most positive thing he can say at any given moment. Seemed more than happy to sit on the bench and open the door for Toskala although it was evident he wanted to be on the ice. His main problem is that he can't seem to use emotion in a positive way. He can't translate either positive or negative emotion into his play on the ice. If he is having a good game, he relaxes and then lets in the 'Raycrap wave(TM)' goal Leaf fans are accustomed to. If he is having a bad game, he gets grumpy and well... the ghost of red light Racicot takes over his body.

Edge: Tie. It depends what you are looking for and what would be a better fit on your team. A young, driven rough around the edges cowboy or a calm, quiet 'aw shucks I'll try my darndest' type.

Round Four: What have you done for me lately? - Accomplishments.
Ray Emery
Stanley Cup Run in 2007.
Speed bagging Marty Biron and then grinning like the Joker as he held his own against Andrew Peters.
Got Replaced by Baby Cheese as the Sens #1

Andrew Raycroft.
Calder in 2002.
Robbing Billy Guerin in 2007 with probably one of the greatest saves ever.
Being one hell of a doorman in the 07/08 season.
Got Replaced by The Tosk as the Leafs #1

Edge: Raycroft. Because I'm a biased jerk

Raycroft wins!


Loser Domi said...

Raycroft an optimist? Maybe he's just putting on a show. I really, seriously suspect that he cries a lot whenever he's alone (which I don't blame him for)

Plus, you left out his superb becnhwarming abilities--that pine gets nice and toasty with him on it.

Navin Vaswani said...

sorry, but Raycroft doesn't win at anything. ever. he is goaltending garbage. emery's got much more value, i think, even though he's kind of a douche.

i think the best course of action is to send raycrap to the marlies. let him play out his contract down there. no one is going to trade for him, and what's the point of buying out his salary and having that count against the cap? he's def not an NHL goalie so lets put him in the minors where he belongs and eat his salary there. we're the richest team in the league, we can afford a $2 million hit.

Jaredoflondon said...

Raycroft winning this contest is like winning a Gary Busey look alike contest. There are no winners.
Plus any time a Leaf beats a Senator, its a good outcome.
I also think Raycroft would be a more attractive backup than Emery (if both either get sent down and salaries halved to the buyers or at full price) on attitude alone. Emery has proven to be a pain in the pine while Raycroft's buns, as LD mentioned, do a fine, non-distracting job of bench warming.

Loser Domi said...

Raycroft is currently "in the arrrrrms offff the anngelll..."

Navin Vaswani said...

you make a good point, bro. raycroft bench-warmed like a champ this year, while emery was all about himself.

"introducing the undisputed bench-warming champion of the woooooooooooorld.......Andrew.....raaaayyy-CRAAAAAP!!!!"

*absolutely zero applause*

good point, indeed.