Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Too Many Grandmas

The Leafs have, at the current station in time, too many men on the back end, and no, that's not a He Score / He Shoot reference.
Defense men, they be coming out of the woodwork, they be. McCabe, Kabby, Kubina, Carlo, The human Pun, Straleman, White, and probably Marlie training camp challengers in Kronwall, Froggy (yes, I've already nicknamed him) And TFS 2.0 (all rights reserved Four Habs Fans) the Shenninator the Leafs have a veritable plethora of blue line buccaneers.
Now, most likely, some of the above mentioned will be traded, moved or Marlie'd. I have a better, more unorthodox idea. I know eh? Unorthodox? From me? What is this, Bizarro world (Of Loser Domi).
It is simple. Make center a defensive position. That's right. Ya' Heard Me! The Leafs are already off center, so to speak, with no true number one center men. So this balances the roster nicely. Make one of the Defense, preferably one who can take a face off (practice practice practice boyos) and who has some decent speed take center stage! Its brilliant!
The Leafs aren't exactly an offensive power and goals will doubt fully come in bunches, but imagine Kabby patrolling the high slot in a defensive stance with Shut downers Finger and Shenn covering far back. Kabby's vision and excellent first pass combined with his excellent skating and positioning feeding speedsters like Blake and Grabs will have other teams in fits!
Throw this all in with Commander Wilson's penchant for defensive play and coaching and you have one tasty soup.

You can leave your complements to the chef in the comments.


general borschevsky said...

Kaberle at center, eh? Maybe someone can try it out on their Xbox first to see how it works. Definitely an inspired idea...

eyebleaf said...

you know, a friend of mine brought up the idea of kaberle playing wing a couple of seasons ago, because of his penchant to not play the body. it's def an intriguing idea, since the leafs are so damn thin up front.

if kabby could win some draws, wow, it might be a brilliant idea. jared, always on the cusp of brilliance.

cheers fella

Greener said...

Uh, Jacob, it's "He Score, He Shoot".

Jaredoflondon said...


All Apologies, and Smells Like Teen Spirit for good measure.

Loser Domi said...

*strokes imaginary beard*