Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roundabout Rumour Round Up

Rumours run rampant round really rediculously.......Rebored Rehockey Refans.......

As some of you may know, and others may not know, and yet even more may even suspect a little, I love me a good trade rumor, especially when it centers on my beloved and betrothed Maple Leafies. So I thought I might discuss a few of my favourite ones with a little break down, because I know how much y'all love to do the hockey player shuffle.

1 - Kessel For Kaberle

Situation Evaluation - Do Not want

Reasonable Reasoning - This "deal" has plauged the interwebs since draft day, and has recently been shut down as possible by both sides. But it won't die. I blame Leaf fans for REALLY wanting to happen. Can't say I blame them, Kessel is a young, exciting very skilled sniper. Something the Leafs really need. But I don't want him in a Leafs uniform, not currently anyways. Kessel is an unsigned RFA, with no deal in sight traded for Kaberle he'd still be an RFA. and I don't want to take the chance he walks and the most tallented Leaf defender is gone for one meaningless year of Kessel (no way the Leafs are cup contenders this season). Where the deal done for a reasonable year to pay ratio I might bite, but not till.
Also there is the fact that the Bruins after the trade would be no better off cap wise, Kaberle's salary would still put them in the red and another deal would have to be made. Losing Kessel would make it all the much harder to part with other now more important peices of their current roster. If Kessel goes, it will be for cheap prospects and high picks. Two things the Leafs SHOULD NOT part with unless there is an absolute steal coming back.

- Clear skys with no chance of swaping.

2 - Vinny to the Leafs

Situation Evaluation - You've got my attention

Reasonable Reasoning - Vinnys salary is a real albatross here. 7 mill cap hit for another 10 years.
Yup, a whole decade. Vinny is, however, a great hockey player, when he is on his game he can be the best player on the ice no matter who he squares off against, and when he is bad he's still probably the best (at least against the Leafs). It has been repeatedly stated by Tampa management that they have no intrest in moving Vinny, which makes sense, he is their franchise. The package that would take to pry Vinny away from the Bolts probably starts at Schenn AND Kabby and works its way up from there, which is totally rediculous and not worth it at all. The Lightening find themselves in a up comming pickle though, Vinnys trade value will probably only decrease with time, and sooner than later they have to man up moose and sign Stamkos and Hedman to pro contracts which will no doubt be lucrative.
There is also the undeniable fact that Tampa's managers are certifiably insane and nothing is off the table when it comes to them it seems.
There are several more teams out there who could/would offer far more enticing packages for Vinny, Montreal being one who would almost certianly over bid the Leafs in any prospective deal.
Crazy contract, super high price of admission.....but damn how much would that piss off Habs fans?

- A Storm is brewing in Florida, but assistance and aid from Toronto not likely

3 - Kaberle to Blues/Columbus/ Vancouver for their respective futures.

Situation Evaluation - finger tenting excellence.

Reasonable Reasoning - All three of the mentioned teams will be pressed to improve upon their recent seasons, all three are ripe with NHL ready prospects that could step to the big club now or next season and have a good chance at creating an impact AND all three teams are in varrying degrees of desperate for a veteran, proven puck mover for their back end. Burke will no doubt be asking for more than one prospect for Kaberle, and it wont be a middling one. A blue chipper in the form of Hodgeson, Berglund or Brassard will no doubt be on Burkes shopping list, all of which are rumoured to be non-starters for a trade.
I would be surprised if neither side budged on any deal.
Another point of thought is the VanRyan / White factor. Neither would bring the return of Kaberle, but could be packaged with other assets to bring some skilled youth to the Leafs front end. Somethings gotta give, but what? Lets hope its the spirite of Burkies rival GMs

Forcast - Clouds with a 30% chance of raining prospects

Disclaimber - I love Kaberle


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but it really doesn't seem fair to me that Tampa has been rewarded with prospect after prospect for their failures. This draft system has made a shoot for the bottom strategy profitable.

Jaredoflondon said...

agreed, best example of that would not be Tampa however, look no further than your stanley cup champs and mine, the Penguins.
I still think the Crosby lottery was rigged.

blindfolded tank driver said...

Let's just hope something good happens, I imagine it won't be Vinny epic. But I see a d-man going to one of those teams in option, maybe even not Kaberle. Also, I want you never to edit the "Disclaimber" because it's now a Jaredism and seems to have merged Disclaimer and November to make it matter.

Jaredoflondon said...

I love lamp