Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open Letter - You Can't Tell Me What To Do Edition

Dear Pepsi

Where the hell do you get off thinking Canada needs a national cheer? Even worse, what the hell makes you think YOU are the ones to bring this out? Is "Go Canada Go!" not good enough for you? Fuck your couch Pepsi, your beverage may be refreshing and delicious, but your marketing is flat and has a bitter aftertaste.
I can tell you one thing, no matter the winner, it will not be cheered by me and my fellow country peoples at the game because no real sports fan gives a shit about some corporately manufactured phrase that has no historical or even logical creation.

Please as to stay out of our National business jerks. I am compelled to switch to Coke, even though it is vile and tastes like food colouring.



general borschevsky said...

Awesome post.

Space Weed said...

We can always count on Jared for telling people to Fuck off

Loser Domi said...

Jared, good on ya!

Chemmy said...

Coke is obviously superior to drinking Pepsi.

The sodas are about the same though, if that's what you meant.

Matt Roberts said...

I work for pepsi and I remember when I first saw this new marketing campaign, my first thoughts were "wow, this is pretty lame..." and it turns out I was right. The only good part about all of this is that there is team canada stuff all over the office/warehouse.

Pepsi is so full of itself its not even funny, the executives here are fucking dingbats.

jerseyleaf said...

Can't wait to hear the "Fuck Your Couch" chant in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

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