Friday, December 15, 2006


Well seems the Buds were able to stave off the third period melt down that had once again (though temporarily) reared its ugly head tonight. That penatly parade nearly sunk them again. Mats was in fine form, potting two and assisting on another, it was nice to see Tucker feed a cross crease pass to him instead of the usual reversal.

I am starting to consider calling Raycroft 'Paris Hilton' due to the gaping hole between his legs.

Also huzzah to Mr Steen, your drought is over, now score some more.

Also, is anyone else seeing what young Sidney Crosby has been up to the past couple games? Yikes.

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Rors said...

Crosby scares me - in a good way. It seems he's making a good case for himself and Ovechkin has some catching up to do...