Friday, December 29, 2006

The Price Is Right

Tonight the Leafs play the Penguins who, abit having the two best under 20 players in the NHL and probably world, are not doing all that well. This looks good.
What dosn't look good is that the Toronto Maple Leafs seem to have turned into the Toronto Marlies, atleast their forward line. Antro, Pony, Peca and now Wellwood and Tucker, if anyone is counting, thats half of the forwards they dress every game...half. Just when they get their full Defense back in order, the forwards crumble with various and seemingly infectious injuries. Whats next you ask? Sundin takes a puck to the head, falls and takes out O'Neill's knee who smacks Stajin on the ribs, breaking two, who's stick flies out of his hands and gives Steen and Bataglia concussions on the bench. Oh, then Paul Mourice's head explodes, you know, for colour.

Atleast Canada is handing out whoopings in both the World Juniours and the Spenglar Cup (nice to see Quinn back behind the bench and sometime soon Maple Leaf, especially with all these injuries, Justin Pogge in action). Go Canada Go.

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Aurora said...

The Binghampton Senators (10-19-1), are currently DFL in the eastern conference. If half your NHL team is going to be made up of AHL players, it's better they come from the Marlies than Bingos.