Thursday, October 4, 2007

Colour Commentary

Pierre McGuire should never, ever, ever, ever EVER, everevereverever EVAR be allowed to do colour commentary again. I can handle him in small doses but having him chime in with some inane, overtly loud comment every 5 seconds drives me batty, I was actually screaming at the TV for him to shut the eff bomb up. It took away so much from the game for me.

also "and he EXPLODED into him" seemed to be the phrase of the night for McGuire. Really Pierre? I thought only Deon got you off like that.

Also there was a hockey game. Good game over all. Nice and entertaining. Raycroft played goat but really wasn't that bad. Kaberle had a terrible first half and the Gill/Wozinkoniwiskokani pairing didn't do that badly at all, against the Twirly giggling weasel line. A few minor defensive burps against the wrong players and its an OT loss. I am excited about the potential of the Antro/Sundin/St. Blake line, they are going to be dangerous.


kaytowne said...

"Twirly giggling weasel"? Ok giggling fits, but twirly and weasel?

PPP said...

Alfredsson looks like a weasel and Heatley used his stick as a weapon to take out Ian White last year hence the Twirly.

It should just be the bastard's line. ;)

Jaredoflondon said...

It also sounds like a carnival ride, which is fun!

Yay fun!