Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And Now For Something Completly Different

Different as in serious...for once.

Short and sweet though, as being serious hurts me.

Let Mats walk, he's awesome, he's done a lot for the Leafs, but if he hasn't signed already we have to question if is heart is really in Toronto.

The 6 mil it would take to lock him down could be very useful.

My plan you ask? use 2 to sign Roberts for a year as intern-leader-Captian-ass kicker, and throw the other 4 plus some of the cap space at Jeff Carter. Then we have a future Capitan lined up aswell.

And I'm spent.


eyebleaf said...

interesting proposition. roberts would be a great leader to mould the youths. as for carter, i get the feeling philly is going to match any offer they get for him (hence their trade-age of prospal)...

Down Goes Brown said...

Roberts would be a great pickup.

For Carter, though, don't we end up owing compensation if he signs? I don't want anybody touching our Tavares pick -- that thing should be locked in a vault buried at the center of the earth at this point.

Jaredoflondon said...

hmm, forgot about the compensation. Is it only draft picks or could we throw white and/or Carlo in on that?

Down Goes Brown said...

Compensation is always draft picks, but there's nothing to stop the two teams from working a trade instead if they can agree on the players.

general borschevsky said...

Roberts as captain is a great call. Not sure I'm ready for Stajan to wear the "C'.
Nolan made less then 2M last year and scored 16 goals, 3 game-winners.
Mike Peca was 1.3M, 34 points, 3 game-winners, kills penalties, takes face-offs.
Jason Smith less then 2M last year, tough as nails defenceman that we should have never let get away.
Seems there's quite a lot you could get for 4M, and that's just looking at former Leafs. What about Shanahan? We don't need a leader who's going to make a difference now, just a lasting impression for the future. Who's going to be "The Example" to follow?

taylor said...

Good Blog. First time poster here, and of course miserable leaf fan...
I always believed that you should promote a captain from within, not airlift a mercenary. Roberts and Carter are both good leaders,but they are not 'mapleleafs' and I think Stajan is not quite ready for prime time. So that leaves only one other logical choice.
Thomas Kaberle. He has put in solid loyal years with the leafs and is an assistant captain now.
He may not be the most dynamic captain of all time but he has earned the honour honestly. He loves being a leaf,and is arguably their best player right now, and I think he would really step up if given the C.
With Sundin around, he probably deferred to him - who wouldn't?
Anyway, TK gets my vote.

Jaredoflondon said...

welcome to the site taylor.
Kabby has put in his time, but I don't think he's the leader that the kids on the Leafs need.
Roberts also has put in his time as a Leaf, a few years removed, but he has more than earned it. He is everything the Leafs need in a Capitan. Internally, there really isn't much there. Tucker would have been my next choice, but we know how that pans out. After years of Sundin's quite yet steady leadership, I think it is time for a more dynamic personality to take over.