Monday, June 30, 2008

Tucker'd Out

A Departing Letter To Darcy Tucker

Dear Darcy:

It is with heavy heart that I, like many Leaf fans, see you leave our beloved team. We will miss watching #16 this upcoming season, and every season after that. Like all the great Maple Leaf players, you have left a lasting impression on us. You have shown us heart, soul and passion on the ice that we will be hard pressed to ever see again. You were, and are a fan favourite for a reason. We Loved you as Side-show Bob, we loved you as Crazy Eyes, we loved you as Power Play weapon number one and we loved you last year, when you weren't all there physically. But most of all, we loved you as a Toronto Maple Leaf.
We wish you nothing but good fortune and luck in all your future endeavours and hope with fingers crossed, that one day, we will again see you in Blue and White. You are forever a Maple Leaf to us.

One Die Hard Fan of Darcy Tucker.

Jared Of London

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