Monday, June 23, 2008

Rhymes With Orange

Since I was on vacay-shenn this weekend and didn't get back until mid Shenn-day, I was unable to witness the excitement of the draft day select-shenns. It was shenn-sational to find out, when I got back that Trader Cliff had stayed true to the monkier by Schenn-ding the Buds Shenn-venth pick to the Islanders (plus a few later round select-schenns) for the 5th over all pick to nab the Leafs a franchise defender (note: first time the words Franchise Player and Leafs has ever been uttered in a shenn-tance that didn't end in a punch line).
This kid is gonna be some-shenn, I just hope he can handle all the media atten-shenn that playing for Leaf Na-shenn comes with.

If only I could remember his name.


Chemmy said...

Now you went and did it.

eyebleaf said...

well done, brother