Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Pre Season Prediction Pontification

My blogging has been less than frequent as of late, so I am starting with something nice and easy to get myself into writing shape for the season. Consider this the start of training camp.

20 Predictions for the 2011-2012 NHL season
1- Tim Connolly will be a 0.8 PPG player
2- Phil Kessel will score 40 goals
3- Luke Schenn will get 30 points
4- Matt Lombardi will play 20+ games for the Leafs
5- Nazem Kadri will score 45+ points
6- Mike Komisarek will earn some of his money....maybe half of it
7- Ron Wilson will coach the full final year of his contract
8- Josh Leivo will be this years Josh Nicholls and surprise everyone with his CHL scoring
9- No one will miss any of the players let go/traded from last season....except Kaberle for nostalgia purposes alone.
10- The Leafs will be fighting for a playoff spot right up to the end, and won't miss by more than 6 points

NHL Wide
1- The Jets will not only be terrible, their fan base and the media whoring around them will be intolerable.
2- The Flyers at best will be a bottom rung playoff team
3- If Cary Price produces an average season, the Habs will be a below average team
4- The Oilers and Islanders will continue to rush their prospects
5- The Avalanche will hand the Caps a top 5 pick for .905 goaltending
6- Ovechkin will be back, in a big way and win the Richard
7- Crosby will return, and score at a staggering pace almost immediately
8- Selanne will still be near a PPG if he plays for the Ducks
9- Jagr will embarrass himself in Philly this year.
10- Forsberg will attempt yet another come back

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Newest Member of Leaf nation

say hello to the newest member of Leaf Nation, his name is Tiberius Michelangelo Levernicus, or TML for short

Friday, March 4, 2011


"To Live is to suffer, but to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering"
-Roberta Flack

Your Toronto Maple Leafs are now 3 points out of the final playoff spot in the East, currently engaged in an all out dog fight where every game, every point, every period and every shift means something.

The odds are, and will continue to be, heavily stacked against them, and that is the best thing that ever could have happened to this young team.
While the Leafs may or may not make the post season, this run, this energy and this hunger will only be positive for the development of this team. No matter what, when the Toronto Maple Leafs players hang their skates up for the last time on this 2010-2011 season they will know that they can do it. They can make an impact and they can win with the pressure of the world on their shoulders.
They will also know that their fans, us, are behind them, that we believe they can do it.
So remember this Leaf nation. Remember that even if they fall short, this is just the beginning. Those once hollow words of "there is always next year" ring with hope once again.

Go Leafs go

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I believe

I believe
I believe in long shots, beating bad odds and betting the over
I believe in the over paid, the under appreciated and those given up on long ago
I believe in proving them wrong
I believe in shocking the world
I believe in the stubbornness of youth, the refusal to quit and the power of desire
I believe in redemption
I believe in heroes
I believe in the Toronto Maple Leafs
I believe