Friday, July 27, 2007

Join The Party

In the spirit of David 'Hockey Analysis" Johnson and The Raking Leafs Ninja, I have decided to do my own Favourite Player Per Team List (dum da da dum!). why not spice up the dull days of my off season woes with a little listage? I invite all other hockey bloggers and bloggerets to join in, you know you waaaaaaanna.

Let us commence.

Anaheim - Getzlaf, hands down the one player from the Ducks I'd love to see on my team, big, strong and skilled, will just keep getting better.

Atlanta - Kari Lethonen, the guy is ginormous, especially for a goalie, but he's quick and has good possitioning. He's going to be the next Kipper.

Boston - Marc Savard, little guy with a big presence. His play making skills are incredible and he's matured very well in the past few years, he is always on the score sheet.

Buffalo - Jason Pominville. o5/06 playoffs VS the Sens, nuff said.

Calgary - Matthew Lombardi, speed, skill, youth, scoring touch, you name it, the kid has it. He is going to be a key part of Calgary's offence for a long time, unless they are stupid enough to trade him.

Carolina - Erik Cole. Takes over when things get a bit physical, will grind against anyone, gritty and tough yet puts up points very well, came back from that nasty neck injury, guys got guts.

Chicago - Patrick Lalime...ok no, seriously Rene Bourque, the few times I've seen the Black Hawks play, this kid has always stood out.

Colorado - Joe Sakic. The best leader in the NHL since Yzerman retired, the guy is amazing, best wrist shot in the NHL ever, excellent playmaker, excellent passer, excellent at pretty much everything. I really don't see any other choice.

ColumbusFredrik Modin. Has been a favourite since his days with the Lightening. Has a crazy hard slap shot and uses his size well. When he's not slumping that is.

DallasMarty Turco. Has an air of confidence around him, that is well understood considering how the man can play nets. Plus that NHL commercial he was in killed me every time it was played., unlike the Crosby one that was just creepy.

Detroit – Since Stevie Y is no longer available for the list, I'll have to go with Henrik Zetterberg. A great offensive player who always is there in the open ice. Plus the dude can grow a wicked playoff beard.

EdmontonRobbie Shremp. Watching him play for the London Knights was great, has the makings of a franchise player....if he can ever get in shape for the NHL that is.

Florida - I honestly don't like anyone on this team.

Los AngelesMike Cammalleri. Hard working player and and the sole bright spot on a dull team (until Kopitar can mature that is) would flourish on any half decent team.

MinnesotaBryan Rolston. I dunno, just have always liked him.

MontrealAlex Kovalev, for the sole reason that he frustrates the crap out of Habs fans

NashvilleJordin Tootoo, I've had a soft spot for this kid ever since he won gold at the Juniors that year, too bad he's turned out to be a bit of a short man syndrome case.

New JerseyMarty Brodeur. He is the best goalie ever, sorry Pat Roy.

NY IslandersRick DiPietro. Last year he proved that he might actually be worth that rediculous contract.

NY RangersBrendan Shanahan. Shanny's been a favourite since his cup days with the Wings, solid player all around.

Ottawa – Sigh, I have to pick one eh? Ray Emery then. The man is just so entertaining, plus he fought Peters in full goalie gear and gave him a good go, thats more than enough to get on the list.

PhiladelphiaMarty Biron, not as good a goalie as the aformention other Marty, but still a great netminder, not as good a fighter as the Aformentioned Emery but willing to drop em no less. He'll do well by Philly.

PhoenixShane Doan. A hard working, good Canadian kid, no matter what those Froggy buggers in the Quebec Media try to paint him as.

PittsburghMarc- Andre Fleury. Charged with saving the Penguins before the arrival of Crosby this kid held his own even though he still continues to get absolutley shelled every game. I have even forgiven his mistake at the Juniours. Give him some defense so he can show you what he really is made of.

San JoseJoe Thornton. Smokin' Joe has been the player I've hated to like ever since he was wearing the B, combined with the Cheechoo train his potential has been realized.

St. LouisPaul Karyia, the origional Mighty in the Ducks, I've always wanted to see him in Blue and White.

TampaMarty St. Louis. I love his "I'll teach you not to draft me" attitude and amazing skills, Lecavalier wouldn't look as good as he does without little Marty making all those passes.

TorontoWade Belak entertains me ever so much, but Darcy Tucker takes the cake. He plays with a tenacity that I wish every Leaf shared, loves a challenge and while he will never be mistaken as a natural goal scorer he can put the numbers up. Also, the fact that everyone who likes other teams hates him, it only makes the fact that I like him stronger, I mean what do they know?

Vancouver –The Sedins. The NHL's version of the doublement twins are almost as good individually as they are together, you'd think they were raised playing together or something.

WashingtonVictor Kozlov. Another giant whose skill is as impressive as his size. While he appears to be on the downslope of his career, he never ceases to impress or entertain, too bad he plays for the Crapitals.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Breaking News

The off season sucks.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Meet The Fosters.

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Foster, I was recently signed by JFJ to play for the Marlies, and maybe one day the Leafs, that would be swell!
While you may have never heard of me, let me re-assure you that I am a nice straight forward fellow, I don't smoke and I call my mother at least twice a week, she is such a nice lady!
While my ruffled plumage and dark swarthy looks draw lots of attention from the ladies, I don't have time at present for a female friend, as in addition to my hockey commitments, I spend all my free time reading to the deaf and bathing lepers, and lets not forget my marmoset rescue program.
I spent my last year of hockey split between the Baby Leafs and the Columbia Inferno, I felt uncomfortable with the name Inferno since it associates the team somewhat with the Devil and I am a good church going Christian.
Last year I managed to achieve 17 points (eight goals, nine assists) with 31 penalty minutes, which I assure you were all non-violent and absolutely necessary to prevent evil and save puppies from crack dealers with laser eyes.
I look forward to the next year and can't wait to meet you all and give you big warm hugs!

Yours Truly: Alex Foster

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Opptimistic Predictions: Round One

Many would state it is too early to predict anything about next season, but I am bored, and through boredom comes useless posts.
What am I predicting you ask on the edge of your seat, cold sweat dripping from your brown, literally shaking with anticipation??
The lines for your 2007/2008 Toronto Maple Leafs.
It ain't much, but no one is paying me for this (I do accept checks though).

Here goes nothing.


St. Blake - Sundin - Antro
Pony - Wellwood - Bell
Stajin - Steen - Tucker
Battaglia - Pohl - Kilger
Kaberle - Kubina
McCabe - Colaiacavo
White - Gill
Power Play One
Blake - Sundin - Tucker
Kaberle - McCabe
Power Play Two
Antro - Wellwood - Pony
Kubina - White

Other Line up predictions.
Tucker and Bell will be interchanged between the second and third lines for match up / Performance reasons.
St. Blake will go for a stint on the second line in exchange of Pony if he gets cold and needs motivation.
White will have a spot on the roster at the start of the year but will struggle to hold onto it as there is way to much competition.
Belak will be interjected into the line up as a workhorse to jump between forward and defense as needed, or when another heavy weight suits up ( I await Jansen's second beating)
Raycroft and The Tosk will dual it out until the trade deadline when the worse one will be shopped.
Stajin or Steen will become attractive trade bait, both will have much a improved season.
We will never see Suglobov In a Leaf Jersey again.
Stralman will crack the line up.
Sundin will crack 30 goals and 80 points.
Raycroft will have a better GAA, The Tosk will have the superior Save %
The penalty Kill will only have one constant, and that will be Gill.
Pohl will be in shoot-outs more often, Antro and Pony will not.
Injuries and or crazy JFJ brain cramps void guarantee on all predictions.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Open Water

Well here we float.
Drifting between the continents that are the NHL seasons, passed by are the good ships Draft day and Free agency deadline. This leaves us hockey fan-ites with nothing but open, salty, hockeyless water until October third. Only the possibility of an occasional trade-gul flying over head or ship in the night remaining free agency signing (Yashin/Sourey) to quench our hockey thirsts upon.
It is going to be a long swim.

Water water everywhere and none of it to skate on.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Best picture ever? Its up there for sure, the only thing I think about when I see it is Billy yelling "I LIKE SOUP, NERRRAAAAHH"

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dear JFJ

Just when I thought you might start down a road of decent decisions (snagging St. Jason Blake for one) you go and do this.
I mean, its not like I don't like The Tosk, or think that he may not be worth 4 Mill a year next year, it's that you just gave it to him, straight up as if to say "here ya go The Tosk, a nice comfy contract, please play well for us the next two years, I'm such a nice smiley guy".
Would it have killed you to wait until, oh I don't know, December to, you know, evaluate his worth for the next two seasons? See if he thrives in Blue and White?
Maybe even dangle a nice fat contract in his face and say "The Tosk, if you play well, look what is behind door number one (a braaand neeew caaaaar!), but if you play poorly you get whats behind door number two (a one way trip to play back up in Columbus, all inclusive).
Not to say this won't pan out and The Tosk becomes the next Kipper, but it has just as much chance of going the other way and biting you in your assets.

One Frustrated (though Die Hard) Leaf Fan.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

St. Awsome

The Leafs have just signed St. Jason Blake (as coined by blogsphere superstar Margee) to a Five year 20 Million Dollar contract, Faaaaaaantastic!

What the Leafs needed
-A Goaltender to either replace Raycroft as number one, or create a viable competition for him, and at the very least play decent backup so he doesn't have to play 70 plus games.
-A Solid Second-Third liner who could go in the corners, throw the body and put the puck in the net on a regular basis.
-A first line winger that can put the puck in the net, finally giving Sundin the winger he has needed for so long.

What the Leafs got
- Vesa 'The Tosk' Toskola, an uber talented goalie who can play any roll. Runs a serious risk of userping one Andrew Razorcroft.
- Mark Bell, big, strong, with some sniper instincts. Had a rough year on a good team last year, most likely due to personal reasons, but thrived on the Chicago Brutal-Hawks.
- St. Jason Blake. Speedy, sniper, always seems to be in the right place at the right time. The patron Saint of Albino's and goal scorers. Mats, your winger has arrived....finally.

Sorry for your loss Margee.

4th line rabble rouser and all around likeable guy Master Bates Battaglia re-signs with the Leafs for 2 years at 650K a pop.