Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Or Die

This is getting rediculous to the point of parody. Everytime you think this playoff race can't get any tighter some one gives it a wedgie.
Last night, the Leafs lost in overtime, but got the extra point out of it to move into sole possition of 9th...a framiliar and uncomfortable possition from last year.
Tonight, no Buds game, but several ones that will have me checking the scores often.
The Habs visite the Sens, in what I hope will be the total destruction of Les Canadiens. The incredible imploding Hurricanes, comming off two stout losses to the Good Guys and the Bad (literally) Guys respectivly face the as of late shakey Tampa team. And finnally the much hated Buffaslugs face the Dipietro-less Islanders, I sense feeding frenzy.

Hopefully my newly purchased Leaf hat brings luck to the team.
Suck Habs/Hurricanes/Islanders Suck

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rock You Like A Hurricane

6-1 Leafs.
Yanic Freaking Perrault, Chad Freaking Kilger and Boyd Freaking Deveraux. Secondary scoring out the wazoo, something many claimbed the Buds lacked. Throw in a solid game by Razorcroft and its cake.

But I have to go to work, no time to rant.

Go Leafs Go.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Harder You Dig...

All in all a good week for Leaf nation, four out of a possible six points. Especially good when you take into account that most stated that they shouldn't be able to get any points out of the Devils and Buffaslugs at all.
Saturday gave the Leafs a second chance at a 4-1 win against those slugs and this time they didnt shit the bed. Tucker did his best to earn that 3 mil a year (or pull his head out of his ass for the last game where he was barly on the radar) with two goals and The real slim shady, I mean Razor played a solid game 'tween the irons.

A playoff spot is still in reach, it dosn't help that teams that the Buds don't want to win keep winning, but they cannot really do anything about it. Lets just hope that the good guys keep doing what they can do to get in, and that is keep winning. If these last three games have showed us anything its that they can roll with the big boys and come out on top (third period collapse withstanding).

They have also bitten the bear that was the inability to win at home, also a good sign.

Go Leafs Go.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, that was depressing. Highs and lows is the only way that game can be described. Fantastic first period, very entertaining, hard hitting and Leaf dominated. The second much of the same, Leafs score 1 more, but hit less, seem to be resting on their lead... a disturbance in the force. The third period, starts off good with two goals, and then with 16 minuites remaining, disaster....

and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

I'll get you next time gadget.... next time.

Mmmm Salty

Tonight, the Leafs start a very important, and more than likely, very difficult home and home with the Buffaslugs.
This game also signanls the retourn of the much missed Kaberle, who if anything will eat up some minuites and give White and Carlo some pressure releif. The (in my humble, and biased opinion) best power play in the NHL is also re-united.

Let the Leafs powerful for-check be the salt that shrivels the Slugs!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Pipes Are Calling...

A big two points for the Buds in one of the most entertaining games I've seen this year. Solid goaltending, lots of traded chances and a nice fast, consistant pace. Not to mention about 1000 shots that went off the post (do those count as shots on net?).

Up next, home and home with the Buffaslugs, lets hope they can swing some of that momentum against the smaller Sabers.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Around The NHL

Several important games tonight concerning my beloved Buds.
The much hated Senators take on the dastardly Islanders, and to quote Muppet over at BoO, "Suck Islanders Suck!".
The red devils take on the Hurricanes, and Brodeur looks to regain form after a 3-0 loss to the Pengus. oh yes, and Oveckin takes on the Bruins, possibly the first time in history I want Washington to win.

Wanting your team in the playoffs sure makes you wish for some strange things.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let Me Be Brief

-Leafs win, Huzzah.
-Wellwood and Tucker looked good, and will only get better.
-Carolina won, booooo, hiiissssss!
-Ottawa wins...and I like ulcer grows.
-Kaberle closer to retourn *glee*
-Battle of Ontario shirts, on sale soon (visite Battle Of Ontario at Blogspot for more information)
oh behave.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cliche (short) Rant

Terrible reffing, terrible defensive play, and tomarrow? Terrible hang over.

That is all.

A Place To Live A PLace To RUMBLE!

Tonight, the next installment of the ever popular BATTLE OF ONTARIO! Ooo, I get tingles every time I say it.
Look to see Tucker back in his old form, and "Don't Panic It's Yanic" Perrault to continue to make an impact on the Leafs roster (and the Senators self esteem).

Although there is some worry in my mind, today on my way home from the gym, while sitting at the lights waiting for a green and THUNK, some doofus ran into me. Heres what worries me, he was turning off Emery street and his name was Ray....Yeah, spooky.

Oh well, Go Leafs Go.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Whats His Name?


Too tired to be clever, game was on Leafs TV so unable to comment much on game other than LEAFS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!(for now).

Oh yes, and the Sens had a meltdown and lost after a 3 goal lead in the third, not so funny when its your team eh? EH?

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Best Served Cold

March 30th. Mark that day. Hopefully the day that Belak proves his worth and knocks Cam "I'm a pussy" Janssen's head clean off his shoulders. Either that or puts some of his chicklets down the back of his throat.
Now I work midnights, long, arduous midnights. Many a night, the only thing that keeps me sane (and / or awake) is AM980's live broadcast of the Leaf game. Last night was no different. This time, on my way to Windsor I was getting a little, lets say, worked up listening to the radio. First a late hit on Sundin, then a BS penalty call leading to a Joisey PP goal. Then the kicker, Kaberle goes down hard from a hit that makes the Drury check look almost comforting. Then the radio cuts out, connection lost, no more signal for 5 hours. I am left hanging, and furious.

Well it's over, for now (for 28 days anyway). Not much else to say because I am getting myself worked up over this (again) and I need to sleep.