Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Yes dear readers, those of you (Hi LD!) who have chosen to continue to check this page during my forced hiatus, I am still alive. Alas, I come bearing bad news, after an epic struggle with Bell, I have been forced to secure other avenues of internet. Scrapes from friends, family, the old "hey look over there!" trick and high jacking some random emo kids laptop at the Starbucks be my only drops of interwebs....for now.
I shall return, my goal is, at the least optimistic, to be making you all laugh again round yonder entry draft.

But I must flee, the Emo kid who owns this lap top has retrieved his Good Charolette CD from the garbage can and is coming back.

Hi Ho Silver! Away!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Into Obscurity...More So

Well dear reader(s?).
As of Tomorrow, I'll be undertaking "Project Heavy Lifting" or as it is called in some circles "Moving". But who calls it that anymore?
As with any move, internet access will be in a state of flux. So until I can find a nice neighbour in my new building to steal internet fro....I mean wait for the cable guy to show and hook me up all legal like with internety goodness, posts here will be waining. As will my comments on all your wonderful blogs (You know who you are).
Catch you on the flip flop be-bop!

Also, before I go.
Whats'a matt'a Fabio? Too good for gods team? Jerk!