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Crystal Balls

Welp, that decade sucked didn't it Leaf fans?
Sure the turn of the century teams were fair to good but since? Blech.
So what do we have to look forward to in the 10's? Most would say not much, 2 first round picks, Burke's head on a platter blah blah blah.
I however have a different view.
Here are my 10 Positive predictions for the next 10 years of leafs.

10- A return to respectability. The Leafs may not win the cup, but they will be competative. The Leafs will Ice a team for 3-4 straight years who will challenge to go deep.

9- The Leafs will attain a franchise player. I'm talking Sundin 2.o here. A player who will define this organization, be the face of the blue and white and be respected League wide for the type of player he is.

8- A Leaf player will score 50 goals.

7 - A Leaf goaltender will be nominated for the viezna.

6- Brian Burke will live out his full tenure as the Leafs GM, and be remembered fondly when he is gone.

5- The Leafs will make the playoffs at least 7 of the 10 years.

4- Two of the Leafs late round draft picks will become very good NHL players, maybe not Kaberle or Datsyuk good, but better than the average 1st rounder.

3- The Leafs will win the Kessel trade.

2 - Mats Sundin's number will be honoured and will be a first ballot hall of famer.

1- The Leafs will make it to the Stanley cup finals, and will make a series out of it.

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This is more of an experiment in curiosity than a well thought out post, so don't go expecting startling revelations and comedic gold.
Here are the current statistics for Some Toronto Maple Leafs Prospects not playing for the Marlies.

Phillipe Paradis - 11G 14A 25PTS 57PIM -9 47GP
Mikhail Stephanovich - 11G 19A 30PTS 10PIM -2 27GP
Dale Mitchell - 9G 20A 29PTS 18PIM +15 19GP
Jesse Blacker - 3G 18A 21PTS 32PIM -13 35GP
Kenny Ryan - 7G 11A 18PTS 16PIM +7 25GP
Nazem Kadri - 20G 18A 38PTS 62PIM +13 28GP
Joel Champagne - 18G 27A 44PTS 32PIM +6 40GP
Jerry D'Amigo - 5G 9A 14PTS 10PIM +6 18GP
James Devane - 3G 3A 6PTS 23PIM 0 25GP
Jimmy Hayes - 4G 10A 14PTS 6PIM+ 2 17GP
Chris DiDominico - Has Not played

Oooga booga shooby doo

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