Monday, May 28, 2007

Canada's Team

Warning, Incoming Rant.
I won't cheer for the Senators, I just won't, no matter how much the media, the public, the players or even god tries to convince me it is the propper thing to do.
It seems every time I turn around there is someone else telling me who I should be cheering for this finals, and why I am wrong for not betraying my loyalty to my teams rivalry.

This article ended up being the straw that broke the proverbial Leaf Fan's back. Stating there is no rivalry between the Senators and the Leafs is a rediculous and stupidly arrogant thing to say. And there is no way around that.
Saying that Leaf fans only want the Senators to loose because we are bitter? Wow, sorry, but you are dillusional. Am I bitter that the Senators are in the finals? No I am not, in fact, I believe they are quite deserving of being the EFC champs, they are a very tallented and hard working team and have earned every playoff win. That dosn't mean I should cheer for them, although it means I have come to respect the Senators as a team (didn't see that comming did ya?).

I have been called jelous numerous times, and the fact is, yes I am jelous. Denying that would be as pompous as saying that I should cheer for the Senators because they happen to call Canada home. I bet every fan is jelous of the Sens or the Ducks if they arn't fans of those teams. It is human nature, you have something I wish I had, that is the definition of jelousy, I can't help that.

I have been told that I am unpatriotic because I wont cheer for the Sens, now this actually gets me mad. The truth is, the Ducks are more Canadian than the Senators, with 19 Canadian born players to the Sens 14. That means that the cup will actually spend more time in the hands of Canadians if the Ducks win than it will if the Sens win, and more Canadians will get their name on the cup. Who is unpatriotic now?

When it comes down to it, it really won't be the end of the world if the Senators win the cup for Leaf fans, but it will be a huge pain in our asses. Every one of us knows a Sens fan in person, or participate in online blogfests with them and have to deal with them on a daily basis. If the Sens win, we will never hear the end of it, never. Combine that with the rivalry that has become the Battle of Ontario and you have reason enough not to want the Senators to win if you are in the Leaf camp, thats what a rivalry is. I know all to well that those of Senators Ilk would not cheer for the Buds where the situations reversed, and the media probably would not be hounding them near as much to switch sides because they are 'Canada's team' . Thats because Leaf nation and our (biased) media is comfortable enough in the fact that we have enough of our own fans to get by without bandwagoners. My feelings have further been proven true by many realistic Sens fans who don't give a skyward shit if Leaf fans cheer for their team.

It dosn't matter that I don't cheer for the Sens, get over it, focus on your own fans, focus on your team, and leave me the hell alone. I grow weary of this.

Go Ducks Go.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Corruptor

My little brother is now a Leafs fan.
Not my little brother in the biological sense, but you know Big Brothers/Sisters of Canada?
Yeah, that little guy.
He wasn't much into hockey, well the NHL anyway when I met him. The only player he really knew anything about was Wayne Gretzky (his favourite I might add) but he didn't have a favourite team.
Since he is pretty much a sports fanatic, I figured I'd expose him to more hockey. So I did, we went through my old hockey cards (Hadn't looked at those things in years), played NHL 07 of the playstation, hell I even showed him my old video tapes of the 93 Leafs/Blues series (stupid movers lost the Wings series, I burnt the Kings series).
He also noticed my brand new, pretty much never worn (for late season purchase reasons) Leaf hat. He wanted to wear it, so I did the next best thing, gave him my old one.
Now he is a Leaf fan, and shall remain so, if I have anything to do about it.
Good thing I got him on the right track before he became a Sens fan or something, *shudder* there is no comming back from something like that.

Also, if you can donate the time, Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada still needs a ton more volunteers, click the link if you want to find out more on how to do so.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


And thats why I shouldn't cheer for anyone.

Look what happens?

Why the hell is my sports karma so bad? What did I do huh?


Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Love That Not Be Named

Dare I admit it?

Dare I say?

Well yes, because it is going to come out eventually. I have a second hockey love. Not one that compares to the Leafs mind you. More of 'that girl you dated in highschool that you still think about on occasion' compared to the Leafs which is the 'best thing that every happened to me, we'll be together forever' kind of love.

And its for the Red Wings.
Convenient you say? Kinda, but its true, I have consistantly picked the Wings to go through every round this year (and previous years).

Why the Wings you ask? Well I've always liked the Wings, as long as I've loved the Leafs in fact.
That dosn't really answer why though, does it. It all comes back to one man Stevie Yzerman. My favourite hockey player of all time.
Even now they have a wide assortment of players that I like, Zetterberg, Datsuk, Lidstrom, Shnieder, Maltby, Lang, Etc etc.

So Go Wings Go!

Plus How sweet would it be to see Hasek hold the cup over the Sens? Sweeeeet.





Dear Buffalo, I hope that presidents trophy dosn't mind being lonely, you know with that spot you set out for lord stanleys cup right beside it, maybe you could put a plate of Buffalo wings there?

Dear Ottawa, I hate you.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I just thought I'd take this time to say something

Katie Weatherson? Rar!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What can I say, I am flabergasted.

The Senators lead the Slugators 3-0 in their Eastern Conferance finals. Had someone told me this would happen I would have guffawed and possibly even giggled in their general direction.
I don't know why this is happening, I have watched pretty much all of the games the Sens have played (in hope of their immediate and brutal downfall) and I see nothing overtly special about how they are playing. Nothing to hint as to why, this year, they are so easily dispatching the opposition.
Wel...actually, there is ONE thing. This pains me to admit, but the one spot that the Senators have improved drastically lies within one man.....Daniel 'Curly Sue' Alfredson, he is actually showing up these playoffs (took him long enough to figure out that the season didn't end in April). Maybe some of Sundin's playoff work ethic (well...Mats wasn't using it) rubbed off on him when he cut his golden locks (theres an interesting conversation "all you have to do is get rid of that muppet do' and you will be Everything you want to be" spoken in Sweeeeedish of course).

I have also not been impressed by their opposition. Not to take anything away from the Sens (but I will at any chance I get). The Penguins? It was Crosby on a broken wheel and a bombarded MAF vs a surprisingly cohesive Senators. The Devils? It was Langenbrunner and Gionta and the least spectacular version of goalkeeper god Marty B that has ever been displayed post season vs a surprisingly persistant Senators.
And then there is the Slugs, the Presidents trophy winners themselves. While they have given the Senators a bit more trouble for about 10 minuites every game (more trouble than they had both other series together). The highest scoring, most tallent laden offense and destructive power play unit in all the NHL seem to have pulled a regular season Redden and taken the face to starfish possition.
One game from a sweep the Sabers stand at a crossroads, do they let themselves get decimated in 4 by a team that is WAY outplaying them or do they realize just how bad it would be for the world if the Senators won the cup? Thats right, total anarchy, our world would collapse into a Mad Max like society.

You stupid Slugs you are better than this! You stupid Senators you are supposed to choke!!

Seems all my hope lies within the West...Most likely in the hands of Poppy McGroin or the Mighty Mallards....god help us all.

Where has all the rum gone?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Buffaslugs, or Sluggalo's

Whichever you prefer. I would just like to make it clear that just because I wish you victory over those evil Ottawa Senators, does not mean I support your team in any way, shape or form. See, as a Leaf fan, I am already in a pickle for deciding who I want to be victorious, throw in the fact that I hate (and thats real hate, not 16 year old girl 'I hate you mom' hate) both teams. In fact, I think I hate Buffalo more than Ottawa, especially recently. What I mean by that is, that recently, you are trying my patience. For example, the "wehatethesabers" page( put up in response to your own "wehatyourteam" page.) has a comment section. This has become an attrocious breeding ground of assholery, full of bigotry and idiocy.

Not that it means anything to you (in fact, if you are a diehard Buffalo fan, you probably hate me already) but, please, don't continue to embarass yourself like this. I have no problem with banter and shit talking, hell I participate in it with Sens fans on a regular basis, but alot of you seem to be missing the point. This is a game, its supposed to be fun, hating the other team is fun. Being a redneck racist, nationalistic asspirate is sad and depressing.

Just enjoy the game, and stop being douches.

Much love

Jared (I have better taste in hockey teams than you) of London

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wades World

Heres a few links that show why Wade Belak is the best enforcer in the NHL
Hint, they have nothing to do with fighting.

Wade On the First Line

Dude is hilarious, give him Tie Domi's new job, he already has his old one.


That is just fun to say, is it not?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ch-Ch-Check It Out

News from around

Saskin Fired

Pony Rides On

White (not) Out

Authour (not) Witty

Those are links by the way....well except the last one, thats a bad joke, well actually there are a couple bad jokes there, hey I'm sorry, what do you want? I don't get paid for this, you want funny go watch Saturday Night Live, wait dont...that hasn't been funny since Phil Hartman. Sad thing that Phil Hartman story, yeah, I know, why him? Ow, why is there a tac on the floor, well actually now its not on the floor, its in my foot, son of a...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Surgury? Ha!

Good news for Leafers, good news for Mats

Undertones of a whopper of a re-signing are evident though, I don't know how to feel about that.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why Must Everything I Love Die?

Brodeur couldn't rid me of the Senators
Jagermeister could not dispose of the Slugs
Smokin' Joe and his boys are looking ready to crap out VS Detroit
And the Ducks VS Nucks was loose loose anyway.

A Slugs / Sens series should prove interesting, but I'd prefer to see it end after one game, via comet or black hole opening up under the Scotiabank place, either or. C'mon hockey gods, you owe me something this year.

Heres to hoping I get to finnish off the playoffs with a post cleverly titled "How The West Has Won"

Man, I am clever, gonna go write that one down....

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sticken It To The Man

Good job Mr Doan, way to show those ass pirates what for!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Kingdom For Some Shinny

The playoffs are in the air. Although my team failed to make it, one thing remains that is there every year.

An increased disire to play the game.
One problem, since my move to London, I have yet to attain friends who enjoy playing the game. Sure, some of them enjoy watching good enough, but none desire to strap on the blades and hit some rented ice, hell they wont even buy a cheep Canadian tire stick for some parking lot puck.

Join a beer league team you say? Thought about it, wouldn't work with my current employer, odd hours, on call shifts, etcetera.

I have played a few games with the kids on the street, but being senior on the field by over 14 years does not lend itself to the competition I need to get total satisfaction out of a game. Plus I don't want to come off as a goober by trying my best against a bunch of elementary school kids.

This is a plea, anyone in London or within a (Realistic) drive, got a game? Need an extra? Drop a line.

Have Net, will travel.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Staal Tactic

I hate the Staal brothers, I do. And I don't know why.

Wait, yes I do, I hate them because I went to highschool in Thunder Bay (said homeland of the sacred Staal foursome). I also played hockey there. Mind you I wasn't at their level, and I am a year older than eldest Eric and thus probably wouldnt have played with even him was I good enough. But all I ever heard about was 'The Staal's' going to highschool with a couple of em didn't help either.

I'm not spiteful...

Stupid Freaking Devils.