Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goodbye and So Long

The NHL's ugliest player Mike Ricci has retired, making him the NHL's former uglies player I guess. That puts him soundly in the running for ugliest NHL player of all time (giving Gump Worsley a run for his money).
That leaves one dire question un-answered, who is the new king of Fuglyiness? To me it comes down to Dominik 'Skelator' Hasek and Ryan 'I kissed a blender' Smyth.
feel free to voice your own votes in the comment section.


Margee said...

I know! It's like the end of an era. No one this ugly will ever play in the NHL again. Sniff.

My nominations for who the new title holder should be: Chara, Brind'Amour, or Smyth.

Jaredoflondon said...

oh yes, I forgot abour Brindy, but I don't think Chara is up there with the rest, he is a homely fellow, but he's no Smyth.

PPP said...

Literally within 3 seconds of each other my friend and I sent e-mails noting that now Chelios was the ugliest player in the league.


Its a sad day to see Geddy Lee retire from the NHL