Saturday, September 8, 2007

Just For Laughs

Four office workers stand around the water cooler on their break, one is a Habs fan, One a Senators fan, one a Bruins fan and the last a Leafs fan. They shoot the shit for a while and the topic of house painting comes up.
"I was actually thinking of painting my garage this weekend, what colour would you guys suggest?"
askes the Bruins fan.
"Red" says the Habs fan, "Pink!" chimes the Sens fan. "white" suggests the Leaf fan.
"white? what a stupid suggestion" exclaims the Bruins fan.
"Yeah" The Habs fan continues "what do you know anyway, you like the Maple Leafs, they havn't won a cup in 40 years!"
"Yeah! your team sucks, they haven't made the playoffs in two years" Quips the Sens fan.
the three chirp away for a while.
"what a shitty team they are"
"Your goaltending is horrible"
"worst team ever"
"40 years what a joke"
Finnally the Leaf fan has had enough.
"Oh Fuck you guys" he exclaims and he goes back to work.

The three others sit there in silence for a second, then the Sens fan turns to the Habs fan.
"Wow, Leafs fans are assholes eh?"

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