Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Or Die

This is getting rediculous to the point of parody. Everytime you think this playoff race can't get any tighter some one gives it a wedgie.
Last night, the Leafs lost in overtime, but got the extra point out of it to move into sole possition of 9th...a framiliar and uncomfortable possition from last year.
Tonight, no Buds game, but several ones that will have me checking the scores often.
The Habs visite the Sens, in what I hope will be the total destruction of Les Canadiens. The incredible imploding Hurricanes, comming off two stout losses to the Good Guys and the Bad (literally) Guys respectivly face the as of late shakey Tampa team. And finnally the much hated Buffaslugs face the Dipietro-less Islanders, I sense feeding frenzy.

Hopefully my newly purchased Leaf hat brings luck to the team.
Suck Habs/Hurricanes/Islanders Suck

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