Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Harder You Dig...

All in all a good week for Leaf nation, four out of a possible six points. Especially good when you take into account that most stated that they shouldn't be able to get any points out of the Devils and Buffaslugs at all.
Saturday gave the Leafs a second chance at a 4-1 win against those slugs and this time they didnt shit the bed. Tucker did his best to earn that 3 mil a year (or pull his head out of his ass for the last game where he was barly on the radar) with two goals and The real slim shady, I mean Razor played a solid game 'tween the irons.

A playoff spot is still in reach, it dosn't help that teams that the Buds don't want to win keep winning, but they cannot really do anything about it. Lets just hope that the good guys keep doing what they can do to get in, and that is keep winning. If these last three games have showed us anything its that they can roll with the big boys and come out on top (third period collapse withstanding).

They have also bitten the bear that was the inability to win at home, also a good sign.

Go Leafs Go.

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