Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dead Ringer

The Mark Bell Issue.

I haven't gone too deep into this for one reason, I never had all the facts, I still don't.
But I know more than I did before and feel its time to speak out on it.
First off let me state that I in no way shape or form support drinking and driving, or am excusing what Mr. Bell has done.
From my mighty perch on my keyboard I have checked round y'ond intraweb to try and get as much information as I could, I have seen the interviews, read the articles and heard the rumours.
What have I discovered? Mark Bell duce'd up, he duce'd up large. He drove while intoxicated and was involved in an accident in which an innocent was injured.
But then he man'd up. Plead no contest and took what the judge gave him, now he is taking his lumps in a substance abuse program combined with an indefinite suspension from playing in the NHL.
Knowing nothing about the guy other than what I have been spoon fed from the media, I can say that he doesn't seem like a bad guy, he doesn't seem evil or dangerous, I mean the guy was named Chicago's man of the year in 2005 for his charity work PRIOR to the incident.
Thing is, even good people do stupid things, inexcusable things. Is Mark Bell a good person? I don't know, I have never met him. Does he deserve to get off light because he is an almighty NHL player? Hell no. But I refuse to judge before the hammer falls. If he pays his dues, if he gets his life turned around, If he can move on, then doesn't he deserve a chance? Look what Danny Heatly has been able to do (note: I am aware comparing the situation is apples and oranges and I actually LIKE Heatly, so don't crucify me, its just an example about how someone can come back from something that could destroy ones life or career.)


Anonymous said...

Jay Bouwmeester got a DUI earlier in August why is no one talking about that?

Jaredoflondon said...

the hit and run might have something to do with the extra attention, not to mention that he is in the pressure cooker that is Leaf nation now, and everything gets blown to epic preportions.