Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back From Firewall Purgatory

Finally, my firewall issues have been resolved. For some reason they didn't like this site and wouldn't allow me to update, and or post.
But That has been fixed.

Now down to bid-nez.

I hate the shootout. I always have, and not just because the Leafs suck at it on a rediculous scale.
Hockey is a team sport, so the logic of placing the outcome of the game (and that ever so valueble extra point) on a solo effort by players takes away from the game.
The Leafs roller coaster season continues, blow out, close loss, shutout against the Slugs, stupid shoot out loss. Next game will probably be a blow out for the Leafs (it is against the Habs and that would be ever so delicious).
Good news is, most of the team is Healthy, save the eventual name-sake for chronic injuries Carlo De Coliocovo. Tucker is looking feisty again, Wellwood is looking shifty and creative, McCabe isn't looking gawd freakin' awful and Mark Bell is punnishing bitches left right and center with some nice body checking.
All needed now is some chemistry and a continued and improved defensive co-operation.

The Team is on the verge of a breakout, I can feel it.


kaytowne said...

"The Team is on the verge of a breakout, I can feel it."

There's that sense of impending doom clouded by hope. Welcome back from the firewall purgatory.

Re: "McCabe isn't looking gawd freakin' awful" maybe his playing has improved but that god-awful mustache has got to go. He looks like a trucker.

Jaredoflondon said...

the Mustash is the root of his power, as it grows thicker, he shall only get better!

Thus is the law of bad ass facial hair.