Friday, November 16, 2007

Well Now.....

Where do I begin.?
Do I discus my disgust with Andy Woz'herpes?
Do I touch on Raycroft's Paris Hiltonesque five hole?
Do I punch an Ottawa Senators fan (because that is all they are really good for anyway)?

Well no.

Here at Die Hard we like to be positive, we like to find that diamond in the rough and polish it till she sparkles like the twinkle in Jessica Alba's eye.

So what good can be found after a third straight loss, and an up coming game tonight against the bain of my existence?

Kyle Wellwood, thats what. This kid is the real deal. He is on fire. You cannot hope to stop The Wellwood, only to contain him.
Also Jiri Tlusty. The kid didn't miss a beat after all the media BS thrown at him, I don't care if he is gay, he could get a rainbow tattooed across his forehead for all I care as long as he plays like he did last night.
Alexander Steen has become a nigh unstoppable force along the boards and is playing with an edge that he seems to have syphoned out of Tucker.
The Tosk, he should be back tonight....God let him be back tonight.
Bryan Mistake was also good....Did I actually say that? Damn, I need to get some sleep....

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