Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Chill In The Air

Tensions are high in Leaf nation.
The Jekyll and Hyde (mostly Hyde) play of the Leafs, plus many a tension in the management roost has most Leaf fans pretty grumpy.
I have come to a personal conclusion. I. Don't. Care.
I don't care about JFJ, I don't care about Tenenbaum, I don't care about Peddie and I don't care about Maurice, and frankly I am getting sick of the debate surrounding them.
Not that I don't think a team requires a competent managing crew to be successful, I just think the team can do much better in spite of all of that.
I care only for the team.
When I say I care about my team, I mean just that. The team. The players. The ones who put their bodies on the line every game. The ones in the media spotlight on national TV with every mistake, miss-step and bad decision they make. They are the ones I care about.
This team has shown an ability to beat anyone this year. An ability to shut down the NHL's top players, to score on its best goalies and to out work teams much more naturally talented then them.
Consistency has been their main issue.
Sure, one could argue that Blake isn't on the path to score 40 goals (or even 10) this season, but he has 16 helpers and skates his ass off every game. You could take the easy road and talk about defense or goal tending or whatever, but on several occasions the Leafs have shown the ability to do both quite well (well..except for Herpes).

Frankly, I am just sick of my team being undermined by the media, its fans and its management who are playing grab ass trying to blame the other for the 'success' so far this year.

When it comes down to it, the game is won or lost on the ice. This team can win, this team will win, and I have an undying faith in that (and a case of beer riding on it). I have no delusions of them winning the cup, or doing mass post season damage. But the season isn't even half over yet. There are a lot of games left.

Have faith, settle down, and Go Leafs Go.

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