Saturday, December 15, 2007

Soupy Goodness

Another brief post due to jamming my blogolating between Christmas shopping, falling off ladders hanging lights and a Christmas party. And general lack of creative....ness.

Leafs V. Habs tonight. Haven't we seen this dance already?

We have? 4 times already? Really?
Games are split two a piece eh? Well then, carry on.

Let them feel the wrath of the scoring superpowers of Sundin and Antro. Time to ruin Cary Price forever.

For your game day goodness pick your poison, for your tasty goodness check out Pension Plan Puppets, for your bitter grossness check out Four Habs Fans. For they are all more entertaining and have higher readership numbers than I could ever hope to achieve.

Go Leafs Go!



Loser Domi said...

"Blogolating"--is that like tailgating only instead of grilling and drinking while watching football, you'regrilling and drinking while blogging? It sounds like fun =D.

Young HF29 said...

Jared it's only 'cause there are so many Habs fans who need a place to repeast the phrase "Habs Suck" over and over. And half naked women (and men).

and i dont know what blogolating is, but man it sounds like fun.

Good luck tonight! (well, not really)

Jaredoflondon said...

Blogolating = blog tailgaiting....I like it.

I think this could catch on.