Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back In The Saddle

Yes dear readers, I have returned from my Hockey Missionary Mission to Cuba. The word of Blue and White was spread from Veradero to Havana, it seemed as if every local wanted my Maple Leaf hat for their very own. Cubans have good taste.
I have good news, and bad news. Good news is I am recharged and raring to go with my usual dose of serious, in depth hockey commentary and coverage, but the bad news is that my memory card in my digital camera somehow got corrupted and the first edition of Traveling Tie Dom-key was lot to 101 error hell.

Now back to hockey. Holy crapola is there a lot of reading to catch up on. Trade deadline day seemed rather anti-climactic other than the Richards and Hossa moves. The Leaf Fire sale turned into an unsuccessful yard sale when no one decided to wave their NTCs and the Buds were only able to deal away some fringe players. I will miss Gill on the PK and Kilger when he decided to play phyisical. Belak going hit me the hardest though. His sense of humour and love of the game, the city and the fans were a true delight to behold. He knew his roll and was only too happy to fill it. A working class hockey player who was just content as could be to be playing hockey for a living in Toronto. You'll be missed Wade, and remember, when your contract is up, you are more than welcome to come back.

Also, the Ottawa Senators are sucking it up oldschool, which was a delight to discover. And speaking about those Trojan dotting dorks, I can't escape them even in Cuba. A heated debate in a Cuban cigar bar with one (good natured of course) made the highlight real of my trip. Especially when he found out that I was Jared, from London. Apparently he reads the BoO and occasionally drifts over to my little neck of the internet once and a while., probably more often now. I knew I said I wouldn't do this, but Mike, OTTAWA SUCKS!!


Loser Domi said...

"Back in the saddle'? YEEEEEHAAWWWWW!!!

Jaredoflondon said...

Save a horse, ride a Leafs fan