Friday, December 19, 2008

The Road Was Long, With A Many A Winding Turn

Yesterday, when it happened, I was numb. I also promised myself I wasn't going to respond because I knew every other Leaf blogger and most others will have blogpinions about it.
But then I slept on it.
Waking was a revelation. I. Don't. Care.
Whatever team Sundin picked, whatever his reasons for going there, for not retiring, for not returning. I. Don't. Care.
Honestly, this drug out for so long, every possible decision was explored ad-nausium and it plumb tuckered me out.
Several facts stand.
-Sundin was, and until further notice, is the greatest Leaf of all time (until surpassed by Schenn of course).
-Sundin is gone, and is not our problem any more.
-Sundin's shadow is gone, the Leafs can pick a capitan and move on with life.

I wish Sundin well in all his future ventures and harbour no hard feelings towards him.
Lets move on and focus on the team.

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