Saturday, December 13, 2008

Total Recall

General hung over remembrances from a night at the Alphabet.

Warm up Skate.
- Wow...Hollweg is one greasy looken bastard.
- Ian White's stache has magnetism.
- HSBC ushers are asshats, I'll stand wherever the crap I want.
- Holy crap, Moore looks even more like Dexter in person.
- Blake is a tiny tiny man.
- Grabbo is so happy like all the time, he won't stop smiling.
- Seifers looks confused.

First Period.
- 6 bucks American for an American beer....I can't decide if this is a good deal or not, Tastes like apple juice.
- Booing over the Go Leafs Go chant = LAME COMEBACK
- Devaux looks kinda lost
- Jebus, Blake is one speedy tiny man.
- Wow. These Sabres fall down more than a one legged drunk.
- Damnit Vesa! (0-1 Sabres)
- Woo Vesa!
- Wow...what a bullshit call.

Second Period
- This crappy beer goes down easy....almost too easy.
- This PK is bomb diggity.
- Williams and Mitchell are everywhere.
- Ian White possesses magical facial hair powers.
- you see that wrister? Goddamn laser I tell ya.
- The Vesa abides!
- Devaux is looking for a scrap, the Sabres are looking at their laces.
- Oooo Stemps jabs the Sabre right in the mush, GET UP YOU BABY!
- I need more beer.

Third Period
- Kick ass PK boys!
- The Vesa Abides!
- I love beer, beery beery beer, here it goes down, down into my belly
- Grabbo has that grin on his face still. Kool-aid looks like he forgot to do something.
- Seifers destroys a Sabre by the bench, I am pleased
- Way to hit the net ya goof! Ha!
- We win, Sabre fans not happy.
- No wonder they hate us so, there is no way anyone can stand up and compare to a fan base like ours, we OWN downtown Buffalo.

Post game
- lets find more beer
- Wow, every bar is packed with Leaf fans except the one that has a dress code (IE no good hockey jerseys)
- mmmm beer!
- Buffalo fans are not aprriciative of us propping up their economy.
- My throat is so sore I taste blood, beer is the only thing that makes it better.


Jennifer Hammer said...

yay, beer, even if it tastes like apple juice!

Ian White with the magic 'stache, he may be my new favorite.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

That Williams wrister was a beauty. And White's bouncer was much-deserved. It's about time we got a good bounce.

Loved the chants of "Millerrr, Millerrr." Way to represent.

general borschevsky said...

Nice job.

The 'stache thing is crazy.

wrap around curl said...

Apple juice...?

blurr1974 said...

I thought the same thing about Hollweg when I saw him. So much so that I almost convinced myself he was a porn star...