Friday, November 13, 2009

Blue (and White) Brothers

Off I go again, doing the Toronto Maple Leaf fan pilgrimage to an opposing rink because it is cheaper than hitting up the ACC. I am starting to think that is a ploy by the MLSE to spread their brand across the continent, Leaf jerseys nigh on guaranteed to be out in full force no matter the enemy barn. Advertising!
Things I am looking forward to
- Seeing Kessel play
- Seeing Luke Schenn take the bull by the horns and flourish with the extra ice time.
- throwing dimes at Patrick Kane.
- Seeing a goalie as over priced and under achieving as Vesa Toskala start opposite Vesa Toskala.
- Watching Gustavsson start the second period.


Anonymous said...

Your blog sucks.

kidkawartha said...

Ah, the ever-present rank ignorance and general stupidity of that "anonymous" guy. He sure is busy, making hundreds of thousands of totally useless and space-wasting comments EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Remember what I said about Aurelio's and Italian beef sandwiches, Jared, and have a blast.
The Canadian Consulate is at:
180 N Stetson Ave # 2400
Chicago, IL 60601-6797, United States
(312) 616-1860
Just in case.

Anonymous said...

Don't read it then.
not anonymous just can't get my google account to work.

Jaredoflondon said...

oh noes, someone dislikes my blog, how ever shall I get over this monumental blow to my self esteem.