Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Things Leaf fans have got to shut up and stop obsessing about because it is getting tiresome.

Schenn's playing time. He's buried in the depth chart, and needs to work on perfecting all aspects of his game before he can displace the others.
Bozak not playing on the Leafs. He hasn't earned it.
Jason Blake
. He isn't going anywhere, he isn't being waived and he isn't being traded.
Captaincy. No one has earned it, and its not a blue ribbon handed out to the player who shows up the most.
Ron Wilson being fired. Ain't gonna happen this season sweet heart, walk it off.

That is all, feel free to bitch about anything else, this post even cause I am sure some of you disagree.

You're still wrong though....Jerk.


Hungry Leafs Fan said...

A couple more...people complaining about Wallin and Orr. Wake up, people! Our problems are much bigger than who is playing on our fourth line.

stucky said...

How about this one? Saying we've mortgaged the future for Phil Kessel and/or how this is like past deals where we traded draft picks for aging veterans. GAH! STOP! Kessel's great and will at worst be the equivalent to whoever Boston drafts first this year, and as long as we don't completely crap the bed this year and next this is a good deal, to score a young and proven talent for two unknowns who could turn out to be nothing. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Love the Blake bit.

And, sorry Hungry, but I'm going to keep bitching about Orr. He's useless.