Monday, January 1, 2007

40" Of Love

Several wonderful things happened today, I got to watch my first Leaf game on the new 40" LCD teevee, and then I got to watch the Leafs win on the new 40" LCD teevee.

The team played well and it was good to see Tucker and Carlo back in the line up, both looking in fine form.
It was also nice to see Belak make me eat my words and actually get physical, with a guy as big as a real Bruin himself, Mr. Chara no less. Not much of an exchange but Belak showed no fear. He needs to display that fire more often, make that 230lbs of his actually noticable on the ice.

Sundin showed again that he is king of Sweed mountian breaking into the top 40 point scorers of all time.

Thursday is another game against the Bee's, lets hope they can whoop em again.

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