Friday, January 26, 2007

Back In Bidness

With the All-Star break over and the NHL getting back into the swing of things brings the return of me posting about hockey. Took a break, whatever, I'm lazy.

Now where do things sit? The Young-Stars game was more entertaining that the All-Star game, the skills competition was as boring as it always is (minus the shoot out competition, I always enjoy watching Crosby tear it up, some say that kid is the future of hockey or something).

And what wonderful news us Leaf fans were privy to when the break ended. Not only is Wellwood sidelined for up to 2 months due to sports hernia surgury, but Tucker is also going to be gone for a bit longer, apparently he was miss-diagnosed by Leaf medical (what a surprise) and was, infact, not healing at all. Look to see him make a comeback in the future (yup I'm optimistic enough to make that wild ass prediction).

Well the Buds get tonight off so hopefully they are good and rested and do some good on the ice, these next 10 games are gonna be crutial for their playoff hopes. Hey, they still have playoff hopes, dont be so negative, buck up champ!

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