Sunday, January 21, 2007

All Star Break

Well in their last game before the All-Star break the Leafs were listless and undisciplined and the Penguins feasted upon them like so many fish. I missed this game and am glad I did, because I always want to cheer for Crosby, but find it an odd situation when he and his compatriarts are mauling my favourite team.

Alas, lets hope this break gives Tucker the recovery time he needs and he comes back flying, maybe light a spark under his team.

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iAuroraBorealis said...

Last night's game was pretty boring...but I did manage to eat about half of pound of venison sausage. I suppose that counts for something. Heatley represented the Sens well last night, especially considering he was the only guy from my team to make it to the All Stars. Pfft.