Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dear JFJ

Just when I thought you might start down a road of decent decisions (snagging St. Jason Blake for one) you go and do this.
I mean, its not like I don't like The Tosk, or think that he may not be worth 4 Mill a year next year, it's that you just gave it to him, straight up as if to say "here ya go The Tosk, a nice comfy contract, please play well for us the next two years, I'm such a nice smiley guy".
Would it have killed you to wait until, oh I don't know, December to, you know, evaluate his worth for the next two seasons? See if he thrives in Blue and White?
Maybe even dangle a nice fat contract in his face and say "The Tosk, if you play well, look what is behind door number one (a braaand neeew caaaaar!), but if you play poorly you get whats behind door number two (a one way trip to play back up in Columbus, all inclusive).
Not to say this won't pan out and The Tosk becomes the next Kipper, but it has just as much chance of going the other way and biting you in your assets.

One Frustrated (though Die Hard) Leaf Fan.

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