Sunday, July 15, 2007

Opptimistic Predictions: Round One

Many would state it is too early to predict anything about next season, but I am bored, and through boredom comes useless posts.
What am I predicting you ask on the edge of your seat, cold sweat dripping from your brown, literally shaking with anticipation??
The lines for your 2007/2008 Toronto Maple Leafs.
It ain't much, but no one is paying me for this (I do accept checks though).

Here goes nothing.


St. Blake - Sundin - Antro
Pony - Wellwood - Bell
Stajin - Steen - Tucker
Battaglia - Pohl - Kilger
Kaberle - Kubina
McCabe - Colaiacavo
White - Gill
Power Play One
Blake - Sundin - Tucker
Kaberle - McCabe
Power Play Two
Antro - Wellwood - Pony
Kubina - White

Other Line up predictions.
Tucker and Bell will be interchanged between the second and third lines for match up / Performance reasons.
St. Blake will go for a stint on the second line in exchange of Pony if he gets cold and needs motivation.
White will have a spot on the roster at the start of the year but will struggle to hold onto it as there is way to much competition.
Belak will be interjected into the line up as a workhorse to jump between forward and defense as needed, or when another heavy weight suits up ( I await Jansen's second beating)
Raycroft and The Tosk will dual it out until the trade deadline when the worse one will be shopped.
Stajin or Steen will become attractive trade bait, both will have much a improved season.
We will never see Suglobov In a Leaf Jersey again.
Stralman will crack the line up.
Sundin will crack 30 goals and 80 points.
Raycroft will have a better GAA, The Tosk will have the superior Save %
The penalty Kill will only have one constant, and that will be Gill.
Pohl will be in shoot-outs more often, Antro and Pony will not.
Injuries and or crazy JFJ brain cramps void guarantee on all predictions.

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