Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Follicle Thoughts

I love getting my hair cut, I really do. Sitting in that chair is just so relaxing. I usually go into a trance of sorts, deep thoughts and all that jazz. I think about everything, from theoretical physics to hockey. Which brings me here today (well that and the cheesecake). Today during my monthly hair removal, I had some interesting revelations that I thought you might like to share in. And here they are in no particular order or context.

Un'ca Cliff is a genious. No bones about it, he played McCabe perfectly and I think he's doing the right thing with Sundin. Straight up heres what we'll give you, heres what we're doing with the team, we want you back but no pressure, have a good summer fishing and driving Volvos. I honestly thing it will work out. Jeff Finger figures (heh, Finger Figures) aside, his signings have all been smart. A surplus of Grit and defensivly minded players is never a bad thing. The Leafs don't have the guns to be a huge scoring machine, so they will become a shutdown machine.

Mark Bell is a perfect fit for this Leaf team. He is big, willing to play physical and what he has shown thus far in the Blue and White is that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the team. You have to respect that. He, like the Leafs is going through a rebuilding phase and I really think as this team grows, so will he. I don't ever expect him to regain his offensive skills that he showed in Chicago, but he has the blue print of someone who will do whatever he can to win, and carry the team on his shoulders to do it.

Once bread becomes toast, it can never go back.

If the Leafs name a Capitan (other than Mats) it should be Thomas Kaberle. If anything for his devotion and exceptional play for this team. Kabby may not be a powerful voice in the dressing room, but he leads by example on the ice. It would also show him the loyalty he deserves from this organization and show the rest of that their hard work will be rewarded.

Peddie is up to something. First bringing in Un'ca Cliff and giving him free reign, and then Wilson who is EXACTLY the coach that can make the parts this team has work as a machine. I don't like it.

I would trade Ian White for a cheeseburger, or a chicken sammich.....Is KFC still open?

My favourite move of the Leafs this off season (other than Shenn, natch) is snagging Curtis Joseph from the jaws of obscurity. It's win win for all parties involved. Cujo gets to prove himself to us again that he is worth our love. The MLSE gets a cheap, veteran goalie who can plug the holes and probably wont complain for a trade. The fans get to see that bitchen' Cujo mask painted in Blue and White, the way it should be. And Vesa gets one of the better goalies of all time to mentor him and a solid backup he can depend on if he needs a break.

I want Mats back, for if no reason than to give him a proper goodbye at the end of the year, he deserves the half hour long standing ovation he would get.


I like Mat Stajan better than Alex Steen, I don't know why. Toronto sports writters have spoiled my brain. I know Steen is better, and has more potential. But...Stajan is just so....something?
Ooo shiny scissors.



Jennifer Hammer said...

Kabs should totes be captain. I could add a "C" to my Kaberle sweater!

ya lost me at the boobies, but whatever. Sorry, I like Steen better. But I'm easily persuaded, especially with gin involved.

wrap around curl said...

You have a man crush on Scheen, don't you?

wrap around curl said...

Boooo at my typo. Scheen=Schenn.

Double letters get me every time.

Jaredoflondon said...

Schenn will save all Leaf nation from medeocrity. He is our saviour!

wrap around curl said...

So...a Hockey Jesus?

general borschevsky said...

Good call on Cliff's genius. In retrospect, after he had that meeting with Sundin at the end of May, he's gone ahead and done everything he said he would: leave a spot open for Sundin and create an enviornment in which he'll feel comfortable. At the same time, he's set this team up for rebuilding, so if Sundin doesn't come back, it won't hurt them. Well played, Silver Fox.

general borschevsky said...

Also, I'd like to see Sundin have a final send off in Toronto, but mostly, I just don't want him playing for anybody else. If he retires, so be it.

Jaredoflondon said...

WAC - More like a hockey Moses, not the son of Gretzkey, but he will show our people to the promised land...Miami beach.

Chemmy said...

I like Stajan even though he stinks at hockey. My Steen jersey is hopefully about to ship, however.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

getting a haircut is, like, liberating.

stajan rubs me the wrong way. always has.

wrap around curl said...

@leaf: That's what she said.

Loser Domi said...

I also love getting my hair cut, mainly since I don't do it that often, so when they're finshed it looks like someone shaved a cat or something on the floor.

I'm with you on liking Stajan over Steen--maybe we both have a thing for kinda dumb tall-ish blondes?

kaytowne said...

hey you. i've started blogging again...well i'm going to try to anyway. how short did you get your hair cut?? the usual? how's work?

PS: i don't think mats is coming back.