Saturday, November 29, 2008

Being Brian Burkavich

Hey, did you know that the Leafs just got some dude named Brian Burke as their new GM? I know right? This so came out of nowhere. I hope he knows what he's doing and has some experience. I mean its not like I've had his draft and team building Record smashed over my head for the past few months.

So, Like any normal person, I thought, what players would I pursue if I were put in Brian Burke's shoes? What draft pick would be ideal? Who would remain as veteran Leafership? Who would stay?

Here are my top ten Burke should do's.

1 - Get a top 3 draft pick, through trades or luck of draw (or suck of the team) the Leafs should be determined to land one of Tavares, Hedman or Cowen
2- Get a secondary top ten draft pick, this is a deep draft, go for gusto.
3- Get rid of Ryan Hollweg. Make him a salary dump, a buy out whatever, and give his spot to Devaux
4- Persue either Rick Nash or Kovalchuck (you all know who I want more) with reckless abandon.
5- Save Dustin Tokarski from the Tampa system, attractive female insider information has informed me Tampa has no real intrest in this Gem of a goalie. Its Tampa for crapsake, we should be able to get him for a coke and a smile.
6- Find a suitable goaltender to threaten Toskala for number one, or atleast will be a more ample backup than Cujo and a reasonable price.
7- Lock up Antro
8- Get as many prospects and picks as you can for whatever you can, but ensure you leave one of Kubina or Kaberle on the back end. Their leadership may be needed on the back end.
9- Give Pogge 5 games this year. Near the end (if he is playing well enough to deserve in in the AHL) Give him a taste.
10- Cut off Peddies hands if he tries to stear the good ship Maple Leaf at all. No warnings.

And then I woke up and realized my pillow was gone.


bkblades said...

Will no one else share my disturbing and misguided love for MAGNUS(!!!)?

Oh, and I should get passing credit for Tokarski. Even though I will never approach wrap's love for Toka (who can?), I did suggest that the Leafs "save" Tokarski from goalie purgatory of Tampa. Besides, who doesn't want to see Martin St. Louis become the new goalie for T-Bay?

Anonymous said...

I agree with all except for #7 and 8. To do #1 and #2 (sounds disgusting) we have to give up assets, and Antro Kabs and Kubs are 3 of our few assets. All probably need to go to get picks/prospects.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Trade Kubby, not Kabby.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more wrong about Tampa's opinion about Tokarski. I don't know who your source is, but they are way off, proving they are hardly an "insider."

Jaredoflondon said...

Hey Anon, welcome to the site, origional name by the way. If you have read anything by me, you should know it is at best, mock serious.

But my "Insider" does know a bit about this goalie so don't discount her info so regularly.
I'd be happy to hear any counter point you might have other than "YOUR WRONG"

puckbuddy said...

Nice read. I agree with all but 7. Points 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, ie draft high draft often but I think Burke is like Fletcher and would rather have a developing player than one that might be a draft bust.

They both identify and target type of players that they believe you win with. That leads me to believing that the evaluation of the team, beyond Cliff's extensive notes, Burke will be evaluating players on this basis (as well as others) and see if that player fits the mold. If not he's out. I tend to think that any player Burke is gonna evaluate will have to fit his mold. Sort of like a scenario like if the team comprised of players like a said player, say Antropov would they win? If not I think he'll be shipped out regardless of his skill or age or draft, etc.

Out of the two Kabs or Kubs, I am hoping its Kabs. As much as I will miss his offense, I think it wont be all that missed with what we already have but the reality is that both might go and/or both might not until after the season. Who knows. Its all a matter if whatever player/picks/prospect is available for any given player. So maybe Kabs might not get moved because that package isn't as good as say for Kubs.

Jaredoflondon said...

7 is a case of favouratism on my part, I really really want Antro to be part of this team when it is good and I think he could play a vital roll

puckbuddy said...

7 is a case of favouratism
It might come down to that or who's gonna bring in the most and who knows, if the returns are both great then what's to say trade them both.