Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dirty Laundry

I was at the jersey store today, deciding on what Leaf to get put on my first reebok jersey (Schenn ahead of Grabs turns out) and I noticed that there were a couple jerseys from other teams that a part of me actually considered buying. I know, blasphemy right? But I know some of you out there have considered it so don't string me up yet, wait till the end of the post.

Since lists are fun, I decided to make one.
The Top 10 Jerseys from other teams that I wouldn't mind wearing.

1- An Ovie jersey, no explanation needed.
2- A Wayne Gretzky Oilers Jersey. You cannot deny the awesomeness that was 99 on the Oil (wearing void in Western Canada)
3- A Gordie Howe Whalers Jersey. Whalers = Awesome, Gordie = legend. Jersey = the Bomb.
4- A Steve Yzerman, Dude is the best leader in the history of hockey, screw you Messier.
5- A Joe Sakic Nordiques jersey. Supporting our Hab hating unfortunate team loosing brethren and honoring one of the best players of our time.
6- A Timmu Selanne Jets jersey (see a trend yet?). Arguably the best European player ever, and it pays tribute to my Northern friends in the Peg.
7- A Joe Thornton Sharks Jersey, just to rub it in my Bruins friends faces.
8- A Rick 'Motherfuckin' Nash jersey, so I could rip of the BJ's logo and sew on a Maple Leaf.
9- A Shane Doan Yotes Jersey. I have a mild man crush on Mr Doan.
10- An Alexander Daigle Sens Jersey with #1 on it to rub in in their faces. Just kidding I'd rather have a speeding bus for dinner than pull a trojan over my head.

Note: All other Team jerseys must be worn with a Leaf T-shirt underneath and a Leaf hat on, so everyone knows your real affiliation.


Jennifer Hammer said...

I'm with ya on wanting a Whalers jersey. They're killer.

Jaredoflondon said...

yeah, too bad they had to become those crappy Canes eh?

Jennifer Hammer said...

don't--i'll punch you in the nuts.

Loser Domi said...

According to the Stalkerbook, Wrap just got a friggin boss Nordiques jersey

wrap around curl said...

You can wear an Ovechkin jersey if you occasionally exclaim OVIE TIME! MAKE GOAL! YEAH CAPS! It's like a rule or something.

Careful Jared, Schultz is feisty.

Loser Domi said...

Wrap, wearing an Ovechkin jersey also requires, if at all possible, riding a Segway. Preferably with flames on the side or racing stripes

Jaredoflondon said...

I want Off road tires and an 8-ball shifter handle on my segway, I dont care that its an automatic

general borschevsky said...

Great post. The Gordie Howe-Whalers jersey would be awesome.

I have a Clark-Nordiques home jersey from their last season.

If you get an Oilers jersey you should get Kurri #17. I think he's the greatest European player, and of all of Gretzky's teammates (Messier, Anderson, Hull, Robitaille) Kurri was the one he clicked with most.

A 2001 Alexander Daigle L.A. Recreational League All-Stars jersey would be really sweet.

Down Goes Brown said...

Normally I don't believe in wearing another team's jersey. But I do think it would be fun if Leaf fans started walking around wearing a Leaf cap, and a jersey of a superstar player with the number switched to the year he comes an unrestricted free agent.

Nash #10, anyone?

floridaLEAF said...

Those are all good. I have a non Leafs jersey that is along the same lines as your #9 item, but my man crush is for Mike Modano. After all I am from the states and I have to root for at least one of my own.

bkblades said...

A Rick Ley or Dave Babych Whalers jersey would be the penultimate, "How much of the Hartford Whalers do YOU know", ever.

Anonymous said...

I'd have trouble wearing the Butcher Of Brantford's jersey, even if it wasn't the dirty Kings version.
I like the Daigle idea and DGB's UFA jersey plan. How about a Colorado Raycroft .839.