Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hey Y'all
Remember those rosters I did up a bit ago? Well much has changed since then.
Here is how I see things sitting on opening night, the remix, now with more truculent Bass.

Poni - Stajan - Blake = This line stays put, Stajan isnt a 1st line center, but he has more chemistry with the other players
Kulemin - Grabbo - Hagman = Man Grabs Lemon lives as well
Tlusty - Walin - Stempniak = Kid line is delegated to the marlies, except Tlusty, who needs better ice time than this, but will probably see 2nd PP unit time
Stewart- Mayers - Orr = KKND, thats all the opposition will see

Relegated to AHL duties - Hanson, Bozak, Stralberg, J Mitchell

Kaberle - Schenn = Schenn gets the bump to first pairing, well because he is awesome
Beauchemin - Komiserik = total death for the rivals top line with a little offensive punch
Exelby - Finger = this was hard because I honestly thing VanRy deserves at least 2nd pairing status, but this is how I see Wilson setting the lines if the roster stands pat.

Rover - White

Relegated to AHL duties - Frogren

Goaltending Dual
Toskala - Starts out as the number one, but quickly becomes a 1A goaler
Gustavsson - I wouldnt be shocked if he got the first start just to see what he has.

Relegated to last chance AHL duties - Pogge, kid is gonna have to prove he can get mentally tougher and can compete with some stiff competition from Reimer for ice time.

Also, this is the 2009 - 2010 Leafs Theme song, YA HEARD ME!


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Stajan over Mitchell? OH HELLZ NO.

Unknown said...

Stajan will no doubt get seniority points for opening night, which is what these line ups are aimed at.
Walin will get a shot on the third line and there is no way Grabbo gets bumped.
there is a chance he may get Mayers spot but it makes no sense to have him playing 4 minuites a game with the leafs when he could be playing 20 with the Marlies.

Unknown said...

Bozak needs to play. I dont' see him being relegated to the marlies.

Jaredoflondon said...

he may very well play, but as things stand now, he has yet to earn a roster spot. I have no doubt that he will some time this season see him don the Maple Leaf, but I'd be surprised to see him crack this roster straight out

Loser Domi said...

Well, Van Ryn will probably be injured, so there's one player you don't need to worry about placing.