Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dreaming ...

I was sleeping, as I often do before pulling the graveyard shift. During this sleep all that has been dreamed of recently is a slumping buds team, their backs broken, their spirits crushed. Tonight was different. I drempt of a team who has been weighed down by injuries to their leadership, chemistry catastrophies and goaltending that makes you cringe.
throw in a dash of inconsistent reffing and TAH DAH! You've got it, the Ottawa Senators, dropping a third straight, to of all teams, the blue jackets.

Then I awoke, dissapointed that the dream was over and I'd have to face the truth, Ottawa had done what Ottawa always usually does, snap out of a mini two game slide and demolish the punny Columbus squad with their exceptional skill and fire power (bastards!). So on went the computer, on went and to my ever increasing joy, my dream had not been a dream at all!

Although this still remains a conscelation prize as the Sens and the Leafs are still tied with 31 points and both (at present) out of playoff contention. Boys in blue still need to win some bloody hockey games.

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iAuroraBorealis said...

Dream for you...nightmare for me. The Sens can't afford to be losing right now. Should we start betting as to who's team will be in a slump the longest? As someone commented on the Battle of Ontario blog the other day: "Looks like we're all sharing in the horror now."