Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lightening In A Bottle

Well its over, all the mediots can shut up about calling for players or the coaches heads on hockey sticks. They won, which is great, a little sigh of releif. Does it the cup is on its way? Hell no. Its not really that they won, its how they won.

Chad - Freaking - Kilger, 2 goals and an over all solid game, this is what they need, some one who isnt a super star to step up (also O'Neil even though his goal was a gift). And then there was Carlo, his much heralded retourn was nice to watch. He played hard, and didnt shy away from the physical side. Once he hits his stride, its gonna be fun to watch.

The goaltending switch will probably be the talk of the papers and online sources (TSN I'm lookin' at you). While it was necessary, it should have never happened. Raycroft should have been in from the start. But I digress GO LEAFS GO!

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iAuroraBorealis said...

I was wondering why I'd never heard of Carlo - and apparently he's been out for a year now. OH and yay Mats! He got a point last night. That's good for my hockey pool :)