Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fantasy Foul Up

As if the Leaf's loosing streak wasn't bad enough in of itself, I have to suffer in another way. My fantasy hockey team (I beleive in magic) has 4 Buds on it. Sundin (great pick till the injury), Tucker (Best sleeper pick ever....until recently), Kaberle (remember that hat trick?) and Wellwood (was on the road to a consistent point production). All of these players combined with several other stellar draft moves by yours truely had me locked in first and pulling away from the pack. Then the slump hit and every Blue and White clad player stopped putting up any decent numbers. Now I am second and falling.

Well atleast I can say that they wern't my worst picks, I took a chance on Wade Redden, who has played all of .07 games this year, thanks Wade, your a gem. Thats what I get for picking up a Senator.

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iAuroraBorealis said...

I've got Sundin in my pool too...he was helping me maintain my top spot until he came back from IR. I've only got 1 friggin goalie who's any good...I got stuck with Cory Stillman who can't decide if he's injured or not, and somebody stole Christoph Schubert from me. Yes, I'm still griping about that.