Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mon Capitan

Looks like Mats will remain in Blue and White, thank god.
I am really glad Sundin will remain a Leaf, no matter what anyone says, he is the heart and soul of the Buds, and now they don't really have anyone to step up and hold that title (Kaberle will be there in a couple years). Remember what happened last time the Leafs traded their heart and soul? Yeah, me too. *shudder*.

Not only did he stay, but he took a pay cut, down to a measly *coff* 5.5 Miiiiiilllion Dollars (puts pinky to corner of mouth), although it is only a one year deal, which is actually beneficial to both Mats and the Leafs, leaving both more options for next year.

The only downside is now the cap room is even tighter, and we still need a goal scorer and a back up twine-minder, oh yes, to re-sign Carlo and Williams. Kronwall and Harrison are as good as trade fodder to me.


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