Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well it seems official. Jim Basillies bid to purchase the Nashville Predators has been rejected on the basis that another buyer has been found. Heres the kicker, the reason they didn't want to sell to Basillie was because he wanted to move the team to Hamilton. The buyer wants to move the team to Kansas City.
How does that make sense? Sure, there are better places to move the Preds than Hamilton, but Kansas City? Another Southern team in a place where hockey has less fans than the stickers on a single NASCAR? Not only that, but Kansas has already failed once to support an NHL franchise, I'm sure they will do MUCH better this time...

It is painfully obvious that the NHL board of governers doesn't give a damn about fans, especially those in Canada, and only seeks to line their pockets with our hard earned, loyal greens.

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