Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some Restrictions Apply

Free Agency madness is rapidly approaching. What to do JFJ, what to do.
Here is a few suggestions for UFA's from some random guy on the internet with too much time on his hands and no sports karma what so ever.

Bates Battaglia
- Lets start at home, he provides good energy, should come relativly cheap and can provide some decent secondary scoring, also is perfectly happy to trudge along on the 4th line. Keep him.
Slava Kozlov - Tallented, fast, shouldn't be that expensive, would complement the second line very well.
Jason Blake - This albino wonder has a good scoring touch and good vision, although the Leafs are pretty heavy on center men already, a welcome addition indeed.
Scott Gomez - Excellent puck mover and play maker, can put the puck in the net and has great on ice vision. put him on Sundin's wing. It would work.
Paul Kariya - Blinding speed, heavy/accurate shot, can set up plays as well as he can finish them. An excellent choice if he can stay healthy (sounds framiliar doesn't it?)

Curtis Joseph -
Would provide a decent backup roll for Raycroft if he struggles like last year and would provide excellent mentoring for the young Razor, should be pretty cheap.
Jocelyn Thibault - Solid backup, can play big numbers if called upon, shouldn't be too pricey.
Mathieu Garon - He's better than Aubin.


Margee said...

St. Jason Blake? No, you can't have him. Even if the Isles organization won't pony up, I think we Isles fans will take up a collection to pay him. Can I offer you a nice, slightly-used Andy Hilbert instead?

Jaredoflondon said...

Sorry, I'm in the market for something a bit more sporty, what have you got in A Ryan Smyth?

Margee said...

You shut you mouth, young man. I think they shouldn't let him sign with any team. It's the only fair way to deal with this situation. 30 teams want him, after all.

Jaredoflondon said...

I seem to have hit a nerve, excellent.